Heat to  Power 

Enjoy Many Hours of Free electricity from these new energy storage devices. Once energy is stored or converted you can move to clean power. Or draw direct heat. Daniel has created several very Unique Catalytic formula to allow exothermic results from H2 combustion

Processes to allow the Looping of Ammonia and H2 Gases achieving very HIGH C.O.P 6 :1


The Green Gas to Heat Technology is Manufactured by Secure Supplies and Integrated into some leading Heat Exchanges, Heat Cyclic engines as shown here and also Gas pressure run Steam CHP Rankle Cycle Turbines.

NEW 2021

Whilst we have used and had in stock these technologies for 5 years + now we finally have a mass production and some key multi discipline advances to share.


Which now makes them affordable. both in pcs or as kits. 

Low Pressure Phase Change Power Gas Plan

Super Heat Pump Diagram
The primary advantages of system are the massive evaporator plates (that never need defrosting), the massive condenser to process the 50 pounds of refrigerant charged in a 3 HP unit, and the TX valves.

Super Heat Pump Applications
The most efficient Heat Pump in the world.Topy Turby system  gets C.O.P.s as high as 12 to I.

Thousands of them were made and installed throughout the USA. It is a proven technology.

Now Advanced by Secure Supplies with modern mateirals and PLC

C.O.P. Comparison Chart

Conventional Heat Pumps get an average COP of 2 to 1. Electric resistance heats (like water heaters) get 1 to 1. Even costly Ground Source heat pumps only get 4 to 1. But our system for gets as high as 12 to 1 and gets an average of 6 to 1 (2 to 1 below 0oF)

COP refridgeration.png
Low Pressure Turbine From Heat Pump.png

Evaporator Panels On Side Of House

The panels are placed anywhere and on any angle as long as the sun, wind, rain, and air can touch them. 8 panels 8 x 3 make up a two sided surface that provides almost 400 square feet of surface for heat transfer from the air.

Evaporator Panels In Tower Array

The panels can be installed in a tower design that helps air flow and exposure to the elements.

Experts can see by the frost pattern how the refrigerant is well distributed. Ice or frost build up does not alter the panel surface area.

Evaporator Panels In Rack Design

The panels can be put into a rack design so the processor can be placed under them and the unit can be portable. In this design, the unit can come pre-charged with refrigerant and thus avoid custom charging on the job.

The  Processor

This is the part that goes into a home. The processor will fit into a foot locker box 2 x 3 x 2 and needs no monthly, weekly, or daily maintenance. It can be put under a stair, in a closet, or in the boiler/furnace room out of sight

The  Heat Exchanger

The hot refrigerant is sent form the compressor to a heat exchanger that is placed in the heating ducts for forced air homes. Air blowing through the duct is heated. Water can be made hot to circulate in a different exchanger.

The Commercial Unit

Larger units can he made to provide commercial heat or hot water. It is the most efficient commercial hot water heater in the world beating even conventional solar hot water heaters.

We offer a Free Trial to commercial users.

The Processor Close Up

The processor is really very simple with nothing to maintain.

The compressor needs to be replaced from time to time (one unit ran over twelve years on the original compressor).

RC-12a and HC-22a

Refrigerant 12 was recently banned, Refrigeration experts will agree that 134a (the replacement) is a terrible refrigerant that they hate. R-12a is the one we sell to replace R-134a. A look at the enthalpy charts show why.

New HC-12a and HC-22a Refrigerants

Refrigeration technicians loved R-12 refrigerant. HC-12a acts more like R-12 than R-12. HC22a is more like R-22. These are not controlled by the E.P.A. They do not do any damage to the ozone (more than I can say for Chlorine).

Air Conditioner With No Refrigerant

We are making an air conditioner that will not need any refrigerants at all to condition the air or refrigerate. The compressor is the most efficient one in the world and it will even make compressed air.

It is using CO2.

Could carbon dioxide be a viable option for HVAC refrigerants?

It turns out that the previous liabilities of carbon dioxide, the high pressure and temperature requirement, can be an advantage.


The high pressure allows for a higher density but lower volume of refrigerant, which means that systems can be smaller and require less power consumption.


The high heat output has led some companies to begin using CO2 in heat pumps. In fact, the Japanese company Mayekawa has developed several commercial CO2-based heat pumps that are already being sold in North America.

Carbon dioxide has been found to have a number of characteristics that make it a promising choice for environmentally-friendly HVAC refrigerants:

  • An ODP level of 0, and a GWP level of 1

  • Lower cost than HFC-type HVAC refrigerants

  • Non-toxic and non-flammable

  • Odorless

  • Requires lower amounts of HVAC refrigerant (“refrigerant charge”) than HFC refrigerants

  • Performs better than HFCs with less power usage

In other parts of the world, where HFCs are being banned outright, CO2-based refrigeration systems are being adopted more quickly than in the United States.


But as the need to reduce our carbon footprint becomes more urgent, we will certainly see the development of more commercial refrigeration and HVAC equipment designed for CO2 use here in the U.S.

The Alternative Demo Model

This is a small two panel hot water unit that we use at shows to demonstrate THE ALTERNATIVE.

The panel gets ice cold and the cold refrigerant goes to the compressor where it comes out hot to heat exchange hot water.

The Demo Model

This is a small two panel hot water unit that we use at shows to demonstrate ..

The panel gets ice cold and the cold refrigerant goes to the compressor where it

comes out hot to heat exchange hot water.

Heat to Power (2).jpg
Heat to Power (3).jpg
Heat to Power (4).jpg
Low Pressure Phase Change Power Gas Plan

Heat Pump Panels

Heat to Powerd.png
Heat to Power.png

8 Foot by 3 Foot

Geothermal Heat Exchange Panels

“What if I do not have a need for air conditioning, and only want to use it to heat my home? 


Then I would not want a heat pump sitting in the shade, but sitting in the sunshine. 

If I put that heat pump on the roof of my house, I bet it would operate more efficiently.” 

Note the large, flat surface area. 


The Secure Supplies - evaporator, in an eight-panel array, provided about 400 square feet of surface area contact with the environment. 


The standard heat pump provided only a few square feet at best. 

Secure Supplies  stumbled onto a thermodynamic advantage. 

Heat to Power Geo Thermal
Heat to Power Geo Thermal
Heat to Power Geo Thermal
Heat to Power Geo Thermal

Conductive Heating Paints and Coatings

Evaportation Panels heat to Power COP He
Evaportation Panels heat to Power COP He
Evaportation Panels heat to Power COP He
Evaportation Panels heat to Power COP He
Evaportation Panels heat to Power COP He
Evaportation Panels heat to Power COP He
Evaportation Panels heat to Power COP He


Our forecast:

In less than 10 years there will be no more convection heating. The entire heating market is turning at a breathtaking pace. Be part of the development. Help to protect nature sustainably. 


Our main use is to coat our  gas filled heat exchanger panels

so we can magnify the run time and yields when cold environments and wanting to make power and heat quickly. .

Heat up healthy.

Why are we talking about a revolution? Well - our company has been developing heating systems for years and has always devoted itself to the latest technically feasible systems. With the brand new heating coatings, we have created the optimal heating solution for every heating application.

Simply lay copper strips, paint the heating paint on the wall and the heating is ready. With our know-how, it really is that easy.

Please give us a call as a customer or reseller and let us convince you. You too will become an ardent advocate of this technique. Promised!


In the beginning there was fire and of course the sun. The first and most natural radiant heating.

It is even more modern today using the simple active principles with the new heating paints.

In the recent past there have been moving developments in the heating market.


 From convection heating it went to radiant heating. From the first obsolete models based on marble, it went on to panels with a porcelain surface. And then all systems were simultaneously replaced by the new type of heating based on matting.

Now we are at the last point of development for the time being. Radiant heating in the low voltage range by simply applying our proprietary technology.

Many years of experience. Hundreds of test customers and a large number of mixtures and trials have helped us to find the ideal mixture for the heating paint, which ideally distributes the heat and at the same time heats incredibly economically.

In fact, we assume that the entire heating and insulation market is no longer necessary. Put an end to the tailoring of money for an entire industry!

Our satisfied customers and our development team. Engineers, physicists and test customers have come together to develop the optimal heating system. Years ago we also carried stone heating systems, handled the surfaces of panels and tried out many different geometries.

We don't just develop heating, we live heating. Get to know us and see our enthusiasm for the new solutions that will go a long way to save our planet.

With the new heating coating, we have now succeeded in developing a heating system that combines the lowest possible consumption with the best possible health, unbelievable durability and groundbreaking practicality as a reward for our efforts.

Long live the heating paint!

Lowest consumption

In fact, the heating paint creates the world record: The system with the lowest consumption for heating at constant temperature:

With this system, the heating is filled into the wall at the coldest points, the so-called cold bridges. This introduction takes place over the largest possible area. Because the better the heating is distributed and the larger it is, the lower the radiation temperature can be to bring enough heat into the room.

This means that the differences between the temperature of the heater and the outside of the wall are only slight and extremely little heat flows off. This means that the heating system is far superior to all other heating systems in terms of efficiency.

It consumes so little because the drying effect turns the wall into an insulator, because it distributes the heat so incredibly well and because it simply radiates through the moving media such as air, which take the energy out of the window when it is aired.

Simple physics

The coating follows the same operating principle as carbon fiber mats. The resistance depends on the layer thickness. The current flow depends on the resistance and the applied voltage. The surface temperature depends on the current flow and the heat in the room on the switch-on time of the heating with the mentioned current flow.

The heating output is calculated simply by multiplying the current flow and voltage. Power multiplied by the switch-on time then results in the energy that is equivalent to the heat in the same unit.

Transformers are used to supply the heating with electricity. 


These transformers use the voltage down from the mains voltage to the operating voltage. The low voltage makes it possible to drive nails through the paintwork and mats or lose entire parts of the heater, but it still works.

The combination of the products is particularly useful for applications on concrete surfaces. With normal walls made of bricks or wood, heating is sufficient without insulation.

The product has an almost unlimited lifespan and does not require any maintenance. On the other hand, it also saves a lot of energy.



In fact, heating with electricity was frowned upon for a long time, as the old electric radiators, air conditioning systems in the USA, night storage heaters in Germany and resistance heating systems in the new federal states consumed unbelievable amounts of energy.

All systems had one thing in common. You have put electrical energy into the warming up of a medium such as oil, water or stone and then released this energy again in the form of convection heating.

There are two major categories of losses. Firstly, the storage of excess energy that, once converted into heat, can no longer be converted back into electricity. Second, the release of heat into the air as convection heat. The same nonsense that is violated by water-bearing heaters.

The big difference to infrared low-temperature radiant heating is that this heating converts the electrical energy directly into heat on your body. The two loss classes no longer exist. The radiation energy penetrates the air without loss and warms your body and the coldest parts of the room.

The consumption is not only extremely low compared to the old electric heating systems, but this type of heating mat based and heating paint basis replaces all other heating types with its extreme energy efficiency.


If you have the opportunity, simply generate your own electricity and make yourself self-sufficient from the energy providers.

Nowadays it is really easy to screw a highly efficient solar system onto the roof and to produce the electricity yourself ecologically.

We are happy to help you with the calculation of the systems and the installation of the system up to energy storage.

Artificial intelligence

When heating with electricity and when using smart meter solutions, a great deal of data is collected that makes it possible to analyze the behavior of individual people or a group of people.

In the field of artificial intelligence of embedded systems, this knowledge can now be used by a system of so-called low rated consciousness in order to make decisions for the heating system in a neural kernel, which can save the heating person a lot of money.

For example, imagine a cloud drifting over a residential area and shading the houses as it moves. An AI solution would detect this and provide the heating with a little more power while the cloud is passing through.

But it will also make me feel if you only use rooms sporadically or when you go to bed. The system gets to know you and acts independently.

This colorful new world of heating technology is being developed in our sister company

Green electricity

Of course, electricity must always be produced before it is consumed. The best thing to do is to do it yourself with wind or solar energy.

However, electricity from the socket sometimes has to be bought as well. Here we would like to take one of your worries away. The electricity bill will increase only minimally while your heating bill will simply disappear.


This is how you save money.

It is also important to know that a power plant can operate at a much higher efficiency than you could do at home. Because as long as fossil fuels are still being burned to generate electricity, the power plant can do it better and better. And that is why it is nowadays much more ecological to heat with electricity.

As soon as the energy turnaround is complete, we will live in the ideal dream world that we all hope for, in which heating simply no longer pollutes the environment.

To do this, however, every household must already have low-temperature radiant heating. Take part. Now.

wand_3 (1).jpg
Evaportation Panels heat to Power COP He

Home Hot Water 


Solar or Ambient heat air pump hot water
Heat to Power (1).jpg
Heat to Power (5).jpg

Heat Batteries and Mast Kits

Smoothing out operations and allowing even longer high performance of super heat

Starter kits from $30,000 Pre Assembled and pressure tested 

Set ncludes the Pump pre plumbed .

8 ton 500 PSI Heat Coated Electric Conductive Heat Paint. ( wired)

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-20 at 04.45.07.jp
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-20 at 04.56.14.jp
Heat to Power (9).jpg

Heat to Power Engines may be divided into three main categories:

High Pressure injection of Thermal Liquids beyond critical pressure into non combustion  Engines with Drain , Sealed Crankcase and Liquid looping


Engine Notes

Heat Pump to Dr Fischer Heat Engine